Company overview

ParkZebra is a parking platform that uses technology to solve any parking related hassles you might have. It enables drivers to find public parking facilities that some of which may be affiliated with ParkZebra, giving drivers the widest possible range of options.

For parking facility operators, partnering with ParkZebra opens up brand new avenues of promotion and income, and a way to effortlessly increase their customer base.

Founded in 2015, with the technology centers in Canada and India, ParkZebra is led by co-foundersUday Maitra, T.N Pratap and Anton Svendrovski.

ParkZebra also provides state of the art parking equipment for parking lots including sensor systems, entry/exit smart gates, parking guidance and parking management systems. In addition, ParkZebra also offers complete parking solutions to developers, business parks, and multi-tenanted lots in office buildings.

At Parkzebra, we believe in simplified solutions. From this thought was born the idea of creating a service which solves any parking related hassles you might face.


T.N Pratap
Since graduating from IIMC in 1978, Pratap has been involved in several businesses in India and the Gulf. From Medical, to FMCG to Luxury Retail, Pratap has been responsible for the growth and turnaround of several businesses in multiple geographies, overcoming distinct challenges through lateral thinking and dedicated pursuit of goals. He is confident of establishing ParkZebra as a necessary App for every car owner in India, before going global.
Uday Maitra
A computer industry veteran, Uday has held several key positions in India, the Middle East, and Canada, where he founded a consulting and channel partnership business that services large global clients using ERP solutions. Not content with that success, and stirred by a vision of contributing to a cleaner and pollution-free planet using mobile technology, he has embarked on a new venture to make that vision come true. Uday holds a Master of Psychology from Harvard University, a second Master’s Degree in Business Administration from I.I.M, and a degree in Engineering from I.I.T.
Anton Svendrovski
Large ERP applications, database technology, mobile solutions, you name it, Anton can create the building blocks in no time. A trained DBA and systems programmer, everything technical at ParkZebra passes through Anton’s scrutiny. He is the reason why the ParkZebra platform is so feature-rich even in its initial version. Anton holds numerous degrees and certifications such as MBA, MSc, B.CompSc, PMP, FMA, MCITP, MCSD, MCDBA, MCSE, and OCADBA.

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