How it works

What is ParkZebra?

ParkZebra is a parking mobile app that ends the stress of circling the block, searching for a 4-wheeler parking spot while the clock ticks. Using breakthrough technology and integrated analytics, ParkZebra provides car parking availability and pricing information in real time, and lets you reserve spots in advance.

What kind of parking lots do you offer?

Most of the locations in our inventory are shopping malls or open surface lots operated by professional parking companies. We are also working with a handful of businesses that offer up their private parking spots on ParkZebra.

Will you be expanding to other areas/cities?

Currently being launched in Bangalore, we will be expanding to 5 other metros in India over the next 3 years.

What does it cost to become a user?

Both the ParkZebra app and platform are absolutely free.

How do you use ParkZebra?

Download the ParkZebra app or complete registration through the ParkZebra website, and search for real-time parking information in lots at or near your destination.

Parking & Reservation

What if I made a reservation by mistake and can’t cancel it?

You can cancel your reservation upto 4 hours before your reservation time, at no cost. The fee will be refunded within 48 hours through the your payment medium (Paytm/Credit/Debit card)

What if I am unable to use my reservation?

You may cancel your reservation for any reason up to 4 hours before the reservation starts and receive a full refund. Unfortunately, we cannot provide refunds for reservations cancelled after that point. After 4 hours prior to the start of the parking reservation, all parking reservations are non-refundable. However, things happen, so we encourage all customers experiencing any issues with their reservations to reach out to our customer service team at support@parkzebra.com or +91 9108224432. If there were unforeseen circumstances at the location that kept you from parking, we will try to provide you with an appropriate resolution.

Do I have in-and-out privileges?

It will clearly state in the “Arrival Instructions” if the location allows in-and-out privileges. Locations that do not allow in-and-out privileges can only guarantee one entry and exit per reservation, meaning you may be charged on-site for reentry.

What if I need to stay beyond my departure time?

ParkZebra can only guarantee your rate and availability for the duration of time listed on your parking confirmation. Any parking outside of that time-frame may result in an additional on-site fee for the difference not paid for in advance. 15 minutes before the end of your reservation, you will be prompted with an option to extend and pay for the extension. When selecting your time-frame, we recommend choosing the earliest possible time you think you’d be arriving. 15 minutes before end of your reservation, you will get a reminder. You can then extend the reservation and pay for the additional time if you require to do so, through the App. Just show that new purchase along with your previous ones to the parking attendant at the time of your exit.

Do I have to arrive at my start time?

No, the arrival time only represents the earliest point we can guarantee your space. Any arrival after your start time and before your departure time is perfectly fine; your space is saved for you through the duration of your reservation. We cannot guarantee any parking before your arrival time. The ramifications of an early arrival are decided by the parking provider itself. Having said that, ParkZebra is committed to making your parking experience a pleasant one. You may contact a ParkZebra assistant at the site to help you out with minor pre-arrivals.

How do I adjust my duration?

Use the “Start” and “End” input boxes on the map page of both the app and the website. Once you adjust your time-frame, the software will show you new relevant availabilities and rates. Many commercial parking lots have a minimum duration of 2 hours

Can I reserve a spot over the phone?

No, you cannot. All purchases must be made online.
That being said, we’re happy to answer any questions or walk you through the booking process over the phone. You can call us at +91 9108224432 between 9am and 6pmMonday to Friday, or you can always send any questions to support@parkzebra.com

How do I get my reservation receipt?

You can retrieve reservations for any upcoming or past booking by signing into your ParkZebra account and looking under the “My Reservations” section. Access your reservation on the app by tapping on the white icon in the upper left-hand corner and tapping on “My Reservations”.

Your parking reservation is also emailed to your personal email account.

Do I have to download the app to use my mobile reservation?

You may access your reservations on your smartphone by opening the confirmation email that we send you immediately after a reservation is made. However, our app keeps your reservations in a fast, easy-to-reach place so you won’t have to worry about searching through old emails to find it.

Why are the parking icons different colors?

Green markers indicate lots where spots are reservable in advance. Blue markers indicate lots available only on a first-come, first-served basis, and accept payment onsite. Orange markers indicate lots that are closed or incompatible with your search times.

Why can’t I find the location I want?

While we are constantly adding new locations, not all locations are in our database. Ultimately, our parking providers control when and whether or not to list their locations. This is especially true for special events when parking providers list their locations one-to-two months in advance. If you find an actual facility that is missing from our map, which you could like us to include, then please let us know the address of the missing facility (email support@parkzebra.com) and we’ll send our executive to that location as soon as possible.

How do I search for parking in a specific area?

In the app, click the search box that says “Enter Destination…” at the top of your screen and enter an address in the area you are interested in searching. On the ParkZebra website, use the search box prominently displayed on our homepage, and enter a location in the area you are interested in searching.

Do you offer overnight parking?

Yes, we do! Where the parking lots do. Enter your arrival and departure date/time on the map page (https://www.parkzebra.com/find-parking). You will then only see parking locations that can accommodate your given overnight time-frame. Some locations that allow overnight parking close overnight, meaning you may not be able to retrieve your vehicle until after a certain time the following morning. Any location that closes overnight will normally contain a prominent disclaimer displaying the operating hours of the location.

Is handicapped parking available?

Only where the parking lots provide handicapped parking. Otherwise our parking assistant will help you find a spot close to the elevator.

Price & Payment

Do I need to save my credit card information?

No, but you may want to for faster processing the next time. The information saved is encrypted.

Could the online price be different?

ParkZebra does not own or operate any parking facilities and all the prices you see on ParkZebra are set by the parking owners themselves.

Are there any additional fees on-site?

No, there are no additional fees on the site for the pre-paid reservation. If you overstay, then the garage will charge you extra. ParkZebra has no control over additional fees for overstaying your reservation though you will be able to pay the extra charge using your mobile phone. ParkZebra may charge a Convenience Fee to users of the reservation App.

Are the quoted rates per hour, day, or entire arrival/exit window?

The quoted rates are for the entire stay (arrival date/time to departure date/time).

Are the rates I see per hour?

No, the rates shown when you have entered your date and time are the rates you would pay for that entire period of time.


How can I change my license plate number, and what if I’m driving a rental car?

If you need to update your license plate, you can do so under “My Reservations”. You will need to make sure the license plate is correct before your reservation begins. If you will be driving a rental car and do not yet know your plate number, you can enter “RENTAL” into the license plate field. You will need to update this under “My Reservations” as soon as you receive the correct plate number.

Why does ParkZebra require my license plate number at some locations?

Almost all of our unattended surface lots use license plates as the primary method to monitor which cars in the lot have paid. It is very important that you enter this information accurately. Failure to do so could result in a violation or towing.

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